America now has a new president. I know within my core that this new beginning is much more new than most of the people I’ve known across my life care to admit.

That’s because they don’t know how to be the new “themselves” and it takes time to get that going.

In their meantime, this is Cara Coffey of the ministry of Uncovered No More. Everyone prefers, or so I was told tonight, the last name Coffey. Do you know why? A guilty conscience is not precious in the sight of GOD.

Anyway…..they are being dealt with and I am me. I wish no person ill will; you do that better for yourself lol.

I am going to invoke GOD for understanding on deep levels of the real peoples’ cores in this world system, upon the earth.

That, nobody cares about. I am sure of it.

Here are book(s) review with rune stone work. That is what I mean, invocation. I can assure the world systems and the Earth People, the true people, that you will not understand me and act upon the wisdom here if you are not meant to; however, if you walk away making fun of me it will return to you times three. I am a Pagan. You don’t understand that, many of you calling yourselves Pagan, even.

Why is that? You have no idea who I throw for; who allows unity with me in divination. You have no idea what I do not countenance in my aura, era, and presence in any given time-frame or socio-economic structure.

That is all. Do not read this website if you do not desire to be divided by its contents. I have had an honest person admit to me he couldn’t read my past blog work. His eyes burned. How cute. I am accustomed to hell, and heaven.

That doesn’t mean I understand anything; I actually do not understand many, many things and have the scars in my life’s history to prove to you that but I am not releasing it anymore. I have moved on, and that process is well under way now after 12 long years.

This is the only pinned article. I will release clusters of books blog articles with artwork and singular books with artwork. I will not commentary; how very dull.

Oracle is not mysterious to me; it comes natural. GOD bless you in your endeavors, whatever you endeavor them to be. I wish you no harm; there are few, very few, who do not either wish me harm or continue to try to keep a certain control over me.

You all lost. Read if you love peace. Read if you want to solve world hunger and the Earth’s suffering.

Be privileged if I read your work. (Smile)

COMMEMORATIVE EDITION TIME Ruth Bader Ginsburg – A Principled Life 1933-2020

In 1933 a child was born; she is a great woman. In 1933, a man died, he was my grandfather. In 1934, a child was born, my father.

And it seems to me that it doesn’t matter anymore. But I am going to choose today to look at the life of a great woman.

I’m great too but I choose to educate myself and serve a different way and who am I? Just another white woman whose grandfather died in a Texas Street across some years with my brother doing it twice and a major, great white prophet named David Wilkerson.

We are all Beaty except Ms. Ginsburg and Mr. Wilkerson. The difference is the 666 of Revelation 13 I guess. I understand that number and nobody else does in my world.

Following are two photos from another great, black woman: @BerniceKing:

These voices need to be heard. My voice needs to be heard. We are black and white. But until we are heard, I have left America in Spirit. I have left everything and everyone in Spirit.

I am tired and I’m going home to be normal now, the type where I will be overworked still but at least have more time to self-educate and enjoy being alive and not someone commissioned to starve to death. Or to be the daughter of a great MAN WHO was assassinated in America.

I think and hope Bernice’s smiles are freer than my white smiles now.

Remembering Hurts

So I look at Ruth, sitting beside my most comfortable office chair in the loft. And I see the collar.

Chills warm my soul; Father In Law Alva Lewis enters the room. “Cara, don’t miss me. I’m waiting for Curtis to come home and I am comfortable in Your Love, Sweetheart. I know; I know we didn’t get to spend time together. We remember Patrick the child of your youth. We remember how I was bald with cancer treatment and so was he bald with infancy. Cara SweetHeart, why did a tear just course down your face, one on each side just now?”

Al, I’m not listening to music but I have ear plugs in; I just invited Eara and Lydia here tonight so Curtis can have fun after all he has been through, and fix his daughters hamburgers.

I am crying because my Son; my Son; I want Patrick Stephen to come too and they won’t understand me, so many of them, so I can’t invite my Son tonight and have done with the enmity coursing through my Veins of love.

Al, do you remember the collar you gave Me?

Ahhh Cara, there are more gifts to come. You are so beautiful to the Coffey Family. Forget the remember where everyone struggled with Tara, My Love. Forget. Lois sends her love. You know you will come see US someday. Rest in Patience, in Fire, in Ice….you know these things. I’m only reminding a tired Dove among humans, remember?

I’m trying to stop crying about how I didn’t get to be with you longer here, Father In Law Alva Lewis Coffey. I’m trying. I’m trying I said!!

And that is the end of this #FayTale but I remember the crocheted collar that my father-in-law gave me. I wore it with a bright pink top that I couldn’t keep wearing because it had little hairs that shed into my contact lenses. It was cashmere, and he bought me that too.

Beaty Family, did you know Al was the only one with his son of the mortality that gave me precious gifts?

We were too poor, Beaty. We were too poor. Our LOVE is spent trying to reach The King, isn’t it, Beaty LOVE?

But I remember the collar, and I remember the aqua tie pin, and Curtis treasures the aqua tie pin I snatched with ARCAngel Michael from Hell Fire where many people hid from the Beaty to use the Coffey since….1942 when Eara died and didn’t live again until 2002.

For those undereducated in the miraculous, I Am a Medium. I only call up those I choose though I have done so for someone close to me. (Hebrews 11)

The very real concept in the quote from Ruth Bader Ginsburg above is simple.

It doesn’t matter which schooling we have chosen for our children, it doesn’t matter how very correct in your raising your community you continue to insist you are, the plague of death is upon you because it is spoken within cursing: and he shall rule over you.

The point? Opportunity is there for whomever will take it, and we cannot assume everyone is meant for every opportunity.

As a woman who survived cultish religion, who is hurt by cultish capitalism, and who does not fight the judgment placed on me by humanity which is disingenuous and wholly false as to my eternal value and Voice, I will tell you that the concept, “Women seeking and fit for….” is the exact same as, “Created He them, male and female” in the book of Genesis. Don’t argue with me, I have death on my side in this thing of maximum import.

We seek what we are supposed to be, true humanity does this. You don’t believe me to continue to stick children in 12 years of canned learning for everything; when, they should get their language arts and math skills drilled into them and experience a multitude of learning experiences for everything else using whatever means possible while smiling with parents who are nurtured the whole time.

Two white women; one Voice with #SorceressTARA; however, they have castrated my life to a point of no return in America. How funny. Like as if the King of kings cannot remove me at Will. You know perfectly well He he already has. Good luck with his agreeing you treated me righteously the last 12 years. (December 31, 2020)



Now let me tell you the truth. I foresaw the COVID19 plague and knew there was a time coming when the reapers would harvest quickly for the King is the King and there are no lies, none, which stand in His Presence.

You are being refined with COVID19 Western World, Asia, etc. You are being refined. What He does with you next, well, I already agree in Oneness with the King of kings and you know it quite well as of the completion of 2020. I have proven it spiritually though not scientifically.

That never bothered the King, how I proved His Return. If it never bothered the King what in the living fuck is the problem in the UK and America?


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